1 Year LTI free for Rig EDrill-1

September 09th, 2017

We are proud to announce that our rig EDrill-1 in the Gulf of Thailand reached a remarkable milestone of 1 year without LTI in September of 2017.

"Please join me and the Board in congratulating rig EDrill-1 and her crew for achieving a 1 year LTI free operations.
This important milestone would not have been attained without the commitment of the crew to a safe working culture and the strong visible leadership by the rig management.
Safety has to be part of our company’s DNA – it has to be ingrained in the way we behave and the way we work.
Well done EDrill-1. You have come a long way and make us proud!"
Message from CEO, Marcus Chew, Energy Drilling

"Our thumbs up to our brothers and sisters at EDrill-1 for their significant achievement. This is a good example of the commitment to exceptional safe culture from Energy Drilling where its improvement plan for the new rig and new crew proven to be working and sustaining.
Let’s congratulate rig EDrill-1 and her crew for achieving 1 Year LTI Free.
To reach this achievement, the crew has committed to a safe culture, with strong visible leadership from rig management setting the example for all, to ensure everyone goes home, without harm, every day."

Message from SVP Well Operations Division, Pasuk Eagark, PTTEP

Rig EDrill-1 group shot with members from PTTEP, Energy Drilling & 3rd party Contractors

Energy Drilling Acquires Rights to Two Newbuild Rigs

June 22nd, 2017

Energy Drilling Management Pte. Ltd. (EDMPL) is pleased to have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with China Merchants Industry Holdings Co. Ltd. (CMIH) on 16th June 2017, thereby acquiring exclusive marketing and operating rights to two premium newbuild drilling rigs.

Energy Drilling's CEO, Marcus Chew, explained "Despite the weak outlook for the offshore market, we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to grow the company and to create exciting opportunities for all employees to grow with us. By acquiring the rights to market and operate newly built high spec rigs that have been abandoned in shipyards allows Energy Drilling to embark on our “capital light” strategy."

The first unit is a tender assist barge rig designated as Hull No. CMHI (JS)-151-1 which was delivered for development drilling in South East Asia and West Africa in 2016.

It is a high specification, quality build that is fully commissioned and ready for mobilisation upon short notice.

151-1 at quayside during commissioning with it's assembled DES at right

Second unit is a three-legged cantilever type jack-up drilling rig from Gusto CJ46-X100-D, and it is intended for use in water depths up to 350ft. in a moderate environment.

GustoMSC offers advanced technologies that gives it competitive advantages such as patented X-Y cantilever with full 1,500 Kips capability over the drilling envelope up to 70ft. x 40ft. and secured fixation for the jacking system.

Gusto CJ46-X100-D Drilling Jack-up incorporates both proven and advanced technologies

Energy Drilling’s VP Operation, Lyle Ewashen, commented "We welcome this opportunity to operate another new generation tender assist rig and look forward to putting it into active service as soon as possible. Even though we are a pure play tender assist service provider, we know jack-up rigs very well by competing against them for many years. The CJ46 is a unique unit and will offer an excellent opportunity for us to expand our line of services and expertise."

Rick Verlinden hands baton to Graeme Bain

May 25th, 2017

In a farewell dinner hosted by Marcus Chew at Alba 1836 Singapore, Rick Verlinden has said he leaves the job with "very fond memories and with a deep well of pride" in the men and women he has worked with.

Rick has a reputation for working well with clients and employees, and for his relentless commitment towards operations and safety.

Rick also was intrumental to operations and operations support and not only mentored junior staffs but provided guidance to colleagues. These proved invaluable as they soared through the ranks.

Just recently, K. Pasuk, Senior VP of PTTEP, commended crew on board EDrill-2 for their passion in safety culture and efficiently turning rig EDrill-2 into multi-mode capability. Rig EDrill-2 successfully catered to high no. of POBs, complex drilling and completions plus full SIMOPS (for early production) and has safely gone through cyclone season offshore Myanmar.

K. Sarit R., Drilling Superintendent of PTTEP, has this to say of Rick, "I had a great time working with Rick. He's just always positive and has the "Can Do" attitude. I also had a lot of fun with him on the golf course especially watching his 'big banana' slice of the tee-box!"

And in a fitting gesture for an avid golfer, Marcus presented Rick with a personalised Taylormade® M2 Driver.

We wish him happy golfing. Hit them long and straight Rick!

To one of the best people that the company has ever had, congratulations on your retirement Rick!

Taking over from Rick is Graeme Bain, who will officially assume position as EDrill-2's Rig Manager in June 2017.

'Tender' Loving Care for Rig EDrill-3

May 17th, 2017

Rig EDrill-3 while awaiting delivery, is undergoing maintenance, periodic operations of her equipment following a detailed check lists and other OEM procedures necessary to keep her in an optimum ready-to-drill condition.

There is a team of approx. 10 personnel from the yard to operate the equipment for maintenance on a regular basis.

EDrill-3 currently at COSCO Guangdong Shipyard, Area D and Berth no.6 with her DES alongside.

Maintenance is verified by our colleague, Lead QA Inspector, Thomas Wong, who is stationed full-time in the yard.

Shore power connection for both Semi-Tender and DES is provided to keep the heaters operating 24/7 to ensure all the motors and electrical panels are away from moisture.

The emergency and main generators are run twice a month allowing all major equipment in the Semi-Tender to be operated.

Maintenance schedule is also provided by COSCO Yard and followed closely as per OEM’s recommendation.

Snippet of Monthly Maintenance Plan

Hull fans and air handling units are also switched on and the machinery spaces and accommodation aired out for circulation.

The mud pumps and drawworks are manually turned with the lubrication pump running.

Concurrently, DES equipment are connected by the yard’s shore power with the heaters hooked up for all the motors and electrical panels. Any equipment in the open are also covered and protected from the elements.

On top of switching on all the heaters for the electrical motors, monthly megger testing of the motors are performed to verify insulation is sound.

Her galley is ready to cook up a storm!


A Cause for Celebration!

March 29th, 2017

It was the 29th of March, the day EDrill-1 was waiting in anticipation as they were preparing not only to receive our CEO, Marcus Chew, and Rig Manager, Dave Sandall, on-board for a VIP visit, but also VIP visitors from PTTEP. 

K. Pasuk Eagark, Senior VP of PTTEP, was accompanied by K. Pichai Tanamaitreejitt and K. Thananan Thanajaro, senior representatives from PTTEP's SSHE department.

They were welcomed on-board EDrill-1 and given an overview of the day's operations.

OIM Dave W. invited both our CEO and Rig Manager to join him on deck for a worksite visit, which was welcomed as it gave them opportunity to interact with crew members in their respective work areas.

Our CEO walked the ground to meet with various Buddy pairs while performing their daily activities and had numerous quick conversations, before getting together for a presentation.

The presentation was opened by Rig Manager, Dave S., who also welcomed the VIP visitors on-board EDrill-1, before he handed the floor over to K. Pasuk. He started the presentation by thanking EDrill-1's crew for all their efforts and cited the professional manner in which tasks are executed efficiently and safely.

He also highlighted EDrill-1 being one of the more modern rigs with upgraded equipment and systems, stands out from the competitors in this trying market.

He then handed the floor over to Marcus, who began by thanking the crew for the efforts they have put in for their visit.

Marcus then went on to present to the crews on how safety should become part of our DNA. He highlighted that safety is not just something to think about every now and then, but rather part of who we are.

Crew members were given the opportunity to share their experiences on what the Safety Buddy Programme has taught them and how it made a difference for them; knowing that there is someone looking out for them that is more than just a work colleague, but also as a family member.

Revelation - Our CEO and PTTEP's Senior VP managed to save the best for last when they announced that EDrill-1’s contract was extended into 2019. This ensures Energy Drilling's presence in the Gulf of Thailand for much longer.

Our CEO again thanked everyone for their efforts in working safely and indicated that without each one, progress would not have been possible.
Marcus and K. Pasuk celebrate with the crew by popping a few corks and toasting the success of EDrill-1’s crew and rig management, reminding them of what can be achieved if one works together as a team and as buddies.