A Cause for Celebration!

March 29th, 2017

It was the 29th of March, the day EDrill-1 was waiting in anticipation as they were preparing not only to receive our CEO, Marcus Chew, and Rig Manager, Dave Sandall, on-board for a VIP visit, but also VIP visitors from PTTEP. 

K. Pasuk Eagark, Senior VP of PTTEP, was accompanied by K. Pichai Tanamaitreejitt and K. Thananan Thanajaro, senior representatives from PTTEP's SSHE department.

They were welcomed on-board EDrill-1 and given an overview of the day's operations.

OIM Dave W. invited both our CEO and Rig Manager to join him on deck for a worksite visit, which was welcomed as it gave them opportunity to interact with crew members in their respective work areas.

Our CEO walked the ground to meet with various Buddy pairs while performing their daily activities and had numerous quick conversations, before getting together for a presentation.

The presentation was opened by Rig Manager, Dave S., who also welcomed the VIP visitors on-board EDrill-1, before he handed the floor over to K. Pasuk. He started the presentation by thanking EDrill-1's crew for all their efforts and cited the professional manner in which tasks are executed efficiently and safely.

He also highlighted EDrill-1 being one of the more modern rigs with upgraded equipment and systems, stands out from the competitors in this trying market.

He then handed the floor over to Marcus, who began by thanking the crew for the efforts they have put in for their visit.

Marcus then went on to present to the crews on how safety should become part of our DNA. He highlighted that safety is not just something to think about every now and then, but rather part of who we are.

Crew members were given the opportunity to share their experiences on what the Safety Buddy Programme has taught them and how it made a difference for them; knowing that there is someone looking out for them that is more than just a work colleague, but also as a family member.

Revelation - Our CEO and PTTEP's Senior VP managed to save the best for last when they announced that EDrill-1’s contract was extended into 2019. This ensures Energy Drilling's presence in the Gulf of Thailand for much longer.

Our CEO again thanked everyone for their efforts in working safely and indicated that without each one, progress would not have been possible.
Marcus and K. Pasuk celebrate with the crew by popping a few corks and toasting the success of EDrill-1’s crew and rig management, reminding them of what can be achieved if one works together as a team and as buddies.


The Day After - Safety Buddy Programme

November 23rd, 2016

Shortly after our CEO left the EDrill-1, rig crews were candidly interviewed to give their take on his visit. And most importantly, their feedback on the newly introduced Safety Buddy Programme.

Marcus speaking on SWA to the crew

Below are some of the videos taken.

Interview with K. Meen - Snr. Pumpman 

Interview with K. Natprasit - Seaman

Interview with K. Anotai - Jnr. Pumpman

Credits to K. Tarn and K. Black, Rig EDrill-1 Rig Clerk and Rig Medic

CEO visits EDrill-1 and roll out the Safety Buddy Programme

November 16th, 2016

Our CEO visited the EDrill-1 on the 14th and 15th of November to roll out the Safety Buddy Programme and to reinforce our focus on HSE for the entire company.

While on board, Mr Chew conducted two separate sessions with the crew to drive home the safety message. He stressed the importance of following diligently our long established procedures of Permit to Work (PTW), Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Stop Work Authority (SWA) and the Four-Point Check.

As an illustration, he shared some of the recent incidents on our rigs and how they could have been avoided if everyone had followed the procedures. His key message was that of the three elements that are involved in any job, i.e. Plant, Processes and People (the 3 Ps), it is always the People that is the most important.

The company can always invest in the best equipment and write the most comprehensive procedures but it is how the crew execute the work that is going to ultimately matter. Our crew must take pride in their work and pay attention to safety.

Video of his presentation available below.

The crews were very engaged and energised in the discussions. The concept of the Safety Buddy was easily understood and embraced.

It was enlightening and fun to watch everyone make their personal safety pledge to their safety buddy (please watch the videos below).

Our client PTTEP, was represented by K. Kamolchai (Drilling Operations Manager), K. Meth (Drilling Supervisor) and K. Rod (DSM).

K. Kamolchai (seen above) gave a short presentation to reinforce PTTEP’s SSHE objective towards achieving Target Zero – where no one gets hurt.

He encouraged everyone to use the SWA and reinforced PTTEP’s commitment to ensuring a safe working environment.


It was heartening to see everyone come together and make their individual commitment to safety.

Marcus visit ended on a high note where he observed Loi Krathong with everyone onboard.


A Tribute to Larry Robbins

April 29th, 2016

On the 29th of April 2016, the management and staff of Energy Drilling sat down for a farewell luncheon honouring the formal retirement of our Vice President Operations - Larry Robbins.

After 44 years of exemplary service, including tenures at the tender assist drilling groups of Robray Offshore, Smedvig Asia, Seadrill and Energy Drilling, Larry looks forward to enjoying time with family, friends and the great outdoors from the African savannah to mighty rivers of Alaska.



Below are excerpts from the video presentation recalling his long and illustrious career.

Marcus Chew commented, “Larry is a true gentleman and a man of high integrity. He is one of the few industry veterans able to manage difficult situations with calm resolve. In all my time with Larry I have never once heard him raise his voice or speak poorly of a colleague”.

Larry Robbins hands over to Lyle Ewashen who takes over VP of Operations as well as VP Marketing.


Larry receiving a token from the management and employees of Energy Drilling.

Chew shows tender care with Energy Drilling

March 18th, 2016

One on one with Marcus Chew, CEO, Energy Drilling.

Read more.


 Getting Ready

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