Vice President Operations and Marketing Luc Plouzennec Visits Edrill-1 Rig, Emphasizes Safety and Conducts Rig Review

July 4, 2023

Energy Drilling is proud to highlight the recent visit of our Vice President Operations and Marketing, Luc Plouzennec, to Edrill-1. The visit, which took place in mid-last month, showcased our commitment to safety, operational efficiency, and fiscal responsibility.

Addressing the crews at the general safety meeting, Vice President Luc Plouzennec emphasized the paramount importance of prioritizing safety at all times. Stressing the significance of taking the time to perform tasks safely, Mr. Plouzennec underscored our company’s dedication to maintaining a safe working environment for all personnel. Additionally, an overview of the rig fleet contracts was provided, further demonstrating our commitment to delivering exceptional services to our clients.

Prior to commencing the tour, Vice President Luc Plouzennec attended a pre-tour meeting, engaging with key stakeholders to gain insights into the rig’s operational status and specific areas of focus. This collaborative approach ensured a comprehensive understanding of the rig’s functioning and allowed for a targeted review.

During the rig visit, Vice President Luc Plouzennec conducted a thorough inspection of the entire facility. Notably, the high level of housekeeping observed throughout the rig is a testament to the diligence and professionalism of our crew members. Maintaining cleanliness and organization contributes to a safe and efficient working environment, and our team’s commitment to this standard was evident during the visit.

In line with our dedication to fiscal responsibility, Vice President Luc Plouzennec held a budget review meeting with essential personnel. This included discussions with the Rig Manager, Chad Bartlett, the Offshore Installation Manager, Scott Herron, and department heads. The meeting focused on reviewing the current budget for 2023 and preparing for the upcoming year, 2024. This proactive approach ensures that our operations remain efficient and effective, optimizing resource allocation and cost management.

The visit of Vice President Luc Plouzennec to Edrill-1 was a significant opportunity to reinforce our commitment to safety, operational excellence, and financial stewardship. By engaging with the crew, conducting a comprehensive rig review, and addressing budgetary considerations, we continue to strengthen our position as a leading player in the offshore drilling industry. Energy Drilling remains dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in our operations. We are proud of our exceptional team and their unwavering commitment to safety, efficiency, and innovation.