Turtle Rescued from EDrill-1: A Tale of Unlikely Heroes

February 24, 2023

In a daring rescue operation, workers on EDrill-1 in the Gulf of Thailand saved the life of a sea turtle that was tangled in a fishing net. The crew, sometime after lunch on 19th February, spotted a fishing net floating in the sea close to the Tender. Initially, they thought nothing of it as the it is a common sight in that popular fishing area.

“The eagle-eyed crew spotted something moving in the net and upon closer inspection realised that it was a sea turtle that got caught in the net and was fighting for its life, struggling to get free,” recalled EDrill-1’s Offshore Installation Manager, Jacques Davie, after the incident.

The EDrill-1 team quickly sprang into action, managing to hook the net using a line to and pulled it onboard.

“This was no easy feat due to the size and height above sea level of the deck, but with all hands on deck helping, from EDrill-1 crew, Service Partners and Completion Team; they managed to retrieve the net and was not only able to free the turtle but also remove the net from the sea,” Jacques continued.

The turtle was then released back into the water. The crew were overjoyed to see the turtle swim away, apparently unharmed by the ordeal.

The incident is a reminder of the importance of protecting the marine environment, and the issue of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans, which is a growing problem that affects marine life and ecosystems. It’s estimated a million metric ton of plastic waste enter the ocean each year; all of us need to do our part to reduce the impact of human activities on marine life and properly dispose of plastic waste. This incident is also a show on our team’s passion and dedication towards the environment.