'Tender' Loving Care for Rig EDrill-3

May 17th, 2017

Rig EDrill-3 while awaiting delivery, is undergoing maintenance, periodic operations of her equipment following a detailed check lists and other OEM procedures necessary to keep her in an optimum ready-to-drill condition.

There is a team of approx. 10 personnel from the yard to operate the equipment for maintenance on a regular basis.

EDrill-3 currently at COSCO Guangdong Shipyard, Area D and Berth no.6 with her DES alongside.

Maintenance is verified by our colleague, Lead QA Inspector, Thomas Wong, who is stationed full-time in the yard.

Shore power connection for both Semi-Tender and DES is provided to keep the heaters operating 24/7 to ensure all the motors and electrical panels are away from moisture.

The emergency and main generators are run twice a month allowing all major equipment in the Semi-Tender to be operated.

Maintenance schedule is also provided by COSCO Yard and followed closely as per OEM’s recommendation.

Snippet of Monthly Maintenance Plan

Hull fans and air handling units are also switched on and the machinery spaces and accommodation aired out for circulation.

The mud pumps and drawworks are manually turned with the lubrication pump running.

Concurrently, DES equipment are connected by the yard’s shore power with the heaters hooked up for all the motors and electrical panels. Any equipment in the open are also covered and protected from the elements.

On top of switching on all the heaters for the electrical motors, monthly megger testing of the motors are performed to verify insulation is sound.

Her galley is ready to cook up a storm!