Rick Verlinden hands baton to Graeme Bain

May 25th, 2017

In a farewell dinner hosted by Marcus Chew at Alba 1836 Singapore, Rick Verlinden has said he leaves the job with "very fond memories and with a deep well of pride" in the men and women he has worked with.

Rick has a reputation for working well with clients and employees, and for his relentless commitment towards operations and safety.

Rick also was intrumental to operations and operations support and not only mentored junior staffs but provided guidance to colleagues. These proved invaluable as they soared through the ranks.

Just recently, K. Pasuk, Senior VP of PTTEP, commended crew on board EDrill-2 for their passion in safety culture and efficiently turning rig EDrill-2 into multi-mode capability. Rig EDrill-2 successfully catered to high no. of POBs, complex drilling and completions plus full SIMOPS (for early production) and has safely gone through cyclone season offshore Myanmar.

K. Sarit R., Drilling Superintendent of PTTEP, has this to say of Rick, "I had a great time working with Rick. He's just always positive and has the "Can Do" attitude. I also had a lot of fun with him on the golf course especially watching his 'big banana' slice of the tee-box!"

And in a fitting gesture for an avid golfer, Marcus presented Rick with a personalised Taylormade® M2 Driver.

We wish him happy golfing. Hit them long and straight Rick!

To one of the best people that the company has ever had, congratulations on your retirement Rick!

Taking over from Rick is Graeme Bain, who will officially assume position as EDrill-2's Rig Manager in June 2017.