In the Hot Seat

May 28th, 2018

What happens when Rig Managers fall sick, go for a short family vacation, or have to attend a course?

Here at Energy Drilling, we encourage OIMs to step up and sit in the 'hot seat' to manage the daily operations.

At Energy Drilling also, we strongly believe in succession plans which include internal promotions. Not only will this short stint catapult them to a more extensive side of managing operations both onshore and offshore, it also exposes them to the corporate side of management and dealing directly with clients.

Just recently, OIMs Chad Bartlett and Bradley Dewis were at Bangkok and Yangon offices respectively taking the lead for EDrill-1 and EDrill-2.

Here's Chad in his off time at BKK office, and already planning the next chemistry set to work on with his daughters, before setting off to a morning meeting with the client

Below we have Brad in downtown Yangon filling in for Graeme, looking forward to a day of meetings with the client