Empowering Futures: Energy Drilling’s Commitment to Inclusivity and Community

January 26, 2024

Following the success of the August 2023 Donation Project at Wat Hua Kuan School in the Pattalung district of Thailand, Energy Drilling continues to express our dedication to the communities integral to our operations with another initiative this year.

On 19 January 2024, the EDRILL-1 team consisting of Rig Manager Chad Bartlett, OIM Scott Herron and crew members organized a project to empower children at the Southern Welfare Centre for Disabilities Kids in Songkhla, Thailand. In line with Energy Drilling’s vision for a future where everyone can realize their full potential regardless of their abilities, the aim of the project was to foster inclusiveness, empathy and equity within society.

Through a crew-wide fundraising campaign, the EDRILL-1 team was able to receive donations for the project even from parties beyond the Energy Drilling team. At the end of the campaign, the funds of almost 170,000 THB. With these funds, the EDRILL-1 team then procured various essential items vital to children’s development. These items included basic food supplies, educational supplies and sports attire for all the children in the Centre.

The visit began with a Centre tour, where the EDRILL-1 team were given a glimpse into the daily program. Afterwards, the EDRILL-1 team had the chance to interact and bond with the children. The donations were then presented to the Centre and well received by the students. The day then concluded with a filling lunch proudly served by our crew members, with further bonding between the team and the children over casual conversation. Beyond a mere donation drive, this initiative was also a meaningful engagement to empower children with disabilities, ensuring they have the opportunities and support to flourish.

Through initiatives such as this, Energy Drilling remains steadfast in our commitment to making a positive impact on the community, especially on the younger generation. Our actions are driven by the understanding that as a company, we have the power and responsibility to effect positive change . With our continued efforts to improve the quality of life for the less privileged through our community projects, we hope to empower them to be able to achieve their full potential.
We invite our partners, clients, and the wider community to continue to join us in such endeavors. Together, we can create a future where inclusivity and empathy are not just ideals but realities.

Our dedicated EDRILL-1 crew members for this event:
Suttisak Kaewmanee – Welder
Kiatisak Chinji – Barge Captain
Anuwat Sang-Ngern – Asst Mechanic
Pongsakorn Pasuntharatham – Asst Electrician
Warunyou Thammakkawan – Materialman
Atchariya Wongbamrungtawee – Crane operator
Somchoke Dangsomsa-Ard – STO
Panuwat Damvong – Lead RSTB
Ekapol Suwanno – Motorman
Surasak Butrak – Derrickman