EDrill-3's Upper Hull Installed

July 12th, 2014

The construction of Energy Drilling’s latest semi-tender rig has marked a significant milestone with the successful installation of EDrill-3’s Upper Hull deck box modules in the first week of December, a little more than a month after the lower hull was launched in end October. The EDrill-3’s Upper Hull has been constructed and outfitted with major equipment packages in parallel with the Lower Hull since the project’s outset. Living Quarters module is undergoing pre-lift preparations and will be installed in the second week of December.

“The EDrill-3 is being constructed at Cosco Guangdong Shipyard in southern China. The project team is led by EDrill’s project manager, Jason Tan, and his counterpart, Zhu Qing from Cosco. A beaming Zhu Qing said, “We are very pleased with results of the upper hull lifting operations and fit up. A lot of engineering and planning has gone into this to ensure we have a smooth and safe operation. The project will now go into its final phase of completion, testing and commissioning. We want to make sure that our client has a first class rig ready by 3Q 2015”.

EDrill-3 is a four column Ocean Class design by MSC Gusto. It will be the largest semi-tender in the world when completed next year.


COSCO Shipyard uses a 2600MT floating crane to install completed Upper Hull module 60BG onto the Lower Hull columns and temporary support towers. Deck Box Module 60BG is the largest lift of the entire project and weighs in at 2500MT.

EDrill-3’s completed Upper Hull block section 60AG being guided and lowered onto the Lower Hull. Deck Box Module 60AG is weighs in at 2100MT.

EDrill-3’s completed Upper Hull block section 65AS being guided and lowered onto the Lower Hull.

EDrill-3’s completed Living Quarters module 90A being prepared for final lifting and placement onto the Lower Hull.