EDrill-3 DES Pre-Commissioning Completed

April 28th, 2015

EDrill-3 drilling equipment set (DES) is progressing ahead of schedule with all pre-commissioning activities completed in April 2015 at Megaway Engineering’s fabrication yard in Singapore. Preliminary commissioning and function testing of the Drawworks, Topdrive, Accumulator, BOP’s and offline activities cantilever (OAC) pipe handling equipment has been successfully completed in co-operation with equipment vendor specialists.

The DES has also been fully assembled with the mast scoped up in both quad and triple modes and the shaker tank mounted on both the ODS and DS sides. Next step will be to transport the DES to COSCO shipyard for full commissioning and integrated acceptance testing with the semi-tender’s power and control systems. When completed in August 2015, EDrill-3 will be the largest, most advanced semi-tender in the world capable of operating in severe environment and fully equipped to couple with any existing trussed spar or tension leg platform (TLP).



EDrill-3’s 186 foot Bootstrap Mast is shown here assembled in triple mode which is the optimum configuration to operate on tension leg platforms (TLP’s) exerting lateral acceleration forces up to 0.2G’s. The mast’s 1,000,000 lbs Hookload and 1,200,000 lbs Setback loading capacities give it the ability to drill 30,000' wells while simultaneously racking back production casing and tubing strings.



 EDrill-3 Mast and Drillfloor are being readied for rigging down from Megaway's Yard in Singapore and will be loaded out on a heavy lift transporter to join the EDrill-3 semi-tender at COSCO yard in Guangzhou.