EDrill-2 at Kerisi Platform for MEDCO Energi

April 12, 2020

On Good Friday, EDrill-2 completed the heavy lifts for erecting the DES at the Kerisi platform in the Natunas Seas for her contract with Medco Energi. She mobilised from Singapore on 25th March 2020, for the 2+3 wells contract over 4 platforms which is estimated to last till the end of the year.

The team under the leadership of Rig Manager, Graeme Bain, and OIM, Gary Bunn, did a praiseworthy job of motivating the crew in getting the heavy lifting done safely in challenging conditions due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The team from Medco Energi lead by Arie Septiantoro, Manager Well Operations Offshore, is also very professional and co-operative all the way from the word go.

“I am very grateful and proud of the crew for getting the job done under these stressful conditions. These are no ordinary days, every aspect from crew change to logistics poses serious challenges and I can’t thank the team enough for their dedication and determination to get the job done safely. We are also thankful for the co-operation and understanding from Medco in this difficult period.”, said Marcus Chew, the CEO of Energy Drilling.

A closeup photo of Edrill-2 with the sky on top
EDrill-2 days before departure – Photo courtesy of Gary Bunn, OIM
Edrill-2 lifting an object from the sea
EDrill-2 setting anchor buoys shortly after arrival on location – Photo courtesy of Mark Boerner, Barge Master
Edrill-2 photo taken from afar
One of four heavy lifts – Photo courtesy of Mark Boerner, Barge Master