1 Year LTI free for Rig EDrill-2

October 12th, 2017

Just a month after commemorating rig EDrill-1's LTI-free operations, we're delighted to announce too that our rig EDrill-2 in Myanmar, has reached a remarkable milestone of 1 year without LTI.

The CEO, Marcus Chew, went to the rig on 25th October to mark the 1 year LTI-Free operations and has this to say to the crew:-
"My personal heartfelt thanks and congratulations to the supervisors and crew of EDrill-2 for achieving this important milestone.
While we take time to celebrate our successes,
we must also acknowledge all our lapses. Safety must remain our TOP priority until it becomes part of our organisation’s DNA."

"Congratulations! This must be an exceptional safe culture considering there are approx. 150 POB most of the time to handle complex operations; both Drilling and Sand Control Completions along with SIMOPS operation for early production including yearly new local crew rotation"
Message from SVP Well Operations Division, Pasuk Eagark, PTTEP

"Congratulations EDrill-2 team for 1 year without LTI operation! This safety milestone could not have been achieved without team effort.
Never Give Safety A Day Off"
Message from GM, Myanmar Well Operations, Kamolchai Pattanapong, PTTEPI

Rig EDrill-2 group shot with crew, management team from both Energy Drilling and PTTEPI & 3rd party Contractors