EDrill-1’s Excellent Operational Performance

July 25, 2015

The excellent operational performance of EDrill-1 continues on a steep curve

“Compliments on a Job Well Done! Not often these days we are able to drill a well under 4 days”

PTTEP, Drilling Supt.

“Job well done when it has been done safely… EDrill-1 as I can see will be one of the best in the GOT… gratitude for the job well done”

PTTEP, SVP Well Operations

“Energy Drilling’s goal is to be the best in the business; having the best people, best equipment, and best overall performance”

Energy Drilling, VP Operations


The team on EDrill-1 recently out-performed all expectations by safely completing BK-34-N, a 3068 MD well, in 3.98 days of the planned 7.05 days and utilizing only two-thirds of the planned AFE. This was achieved safely and with zero non-productive time.

Since commencing it’s operation in the GOT, EDrill-1 has continued to steadily improve it’s operational performance. The crew continue to work closer as a team and are constantly innovating to refine and stream-line critical path activities.

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An image of 2 people wearing red suits and white helmet, interacting with a machine
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