EDrill-1 returns to the Gulf of Thailand

July 15th, 2020

Nothing comes easy during the COVID pandemic, least of all trying to activate a rig from one country to another, across international borders. The challenges are multi-folds; ranging from yard preparation in Singapore to towing the rig into the Arthit Field.

The travel restrictions imposed by nations meant that no crew were allowed into Singapore to help prepare the rig for mobilisation as was usually the case. The resourcefulness of the project team and willingness of the limited crew of 10 men to multi-task allowed for the timely departure of EDrill-1 on the 22nd of June as planned.

Meanwhile, the first set of crew entered into a 7-day quarantine organised by the client, PTTEP, in Songkhla on the 20th June in order to be ready to meet the rig offshore on the 27th June as envisaged. All these were organised with military precision. The first test chopper landed in the early hours of the 27th and over the day, the entire crew were mobilised via a mix of chopper flights and crew boat.

Smiling faces on the rig were everywhere as everyone was happy to meet old colleagues again and get back to work. It was a joyful reunion unlike previous start-ups due in part to the difficulties encountered by everyone because of the ongoing pandemic. It feels good to know your buddies are safe and the rig is ready to drill again.

The EDrill-1 has completed the rig up and all acceptance testing on the 8th of July. It is drilling ahead and ready to serve PTTEP again well into 2024.

We wish her and the entire crew the very best.
Keep the flag flying high guys!!!!!

A new chapter for the EDrill-1

The magnificent 10 men riding crew

Cleanliness is godliness, especially during the COVID pandemic

Alex Maroske, QHSE Manager, putting to good use his training as a HLO as part of the multi-tasking

Rig manager, Dave Sandall, having a pre-job safety meeting

Smiling faces going for a joy ride