A Cause for Celebration!

March 29, 2017

It was the 29th of March, the day EDrill-1 was waiting in anticipation as they were preparing not only to receive our CEO, Marcus Chew, and Rig Manager, Dave Sandall, on-board for a VIP visit, but also VIP visitors from PTTEP.

K. Pasuk Eagark, Senior VP of PTTEP, was accompanied by K. Pichai Tanamaitreejitt and K. Thananan Thanajaro, senior representatives from PTTEP’s SSHE department.

They were welcomed on-board EDrill-1 and given an overview of the day’s operations.

OIM Dave W. invited both our CEO and Rig Manager to join him on deck for a worksite visit, which was welcomed as it gave them opportunity to interact with crew members in their respective work areas.

4 people wearing helmets talking to each other

Our CEO walked the ground to meet with various Buddy pairs while performing their daily activities and had numerous quick conversations, before getting together for a presentation.

A person presenting infront of a group of people

The presentation was opened by Rig Manager, Dave S., who also welcomed the VIP visitors on-board EDrill-1, before he handed the floor over to K. Pasuk. He started the presentation by thanking EDrill-1’s crew for all their efforts and cited the professional manner in which tasks are executed efficiently and safely.

He also highlighted EDrill-1 being one of the more modern rigs with upgraded equipment and systems, stands out from the competitors in this trying market.

He then handed the floor over to Marcus, who began by thanking the crew for the efforts they have put in for their visit.

Marcus then went on to present to the crews on how safety should become part of our DNA. He highlighted that safety is not just something to think about every now and then, but rather part of who we are.

Crew members were given the opportunity to share their experiences on what the Safety Buddy Programme has taught them and how it made a difference for them; knowing that there is someone looking out for them that is more than just a work colleague, but also as a family member.

A presentation infront of a group of people, image taken from the back of the room

Revelation – Our CEO and PTTEP’s Senior VP managed to save the best for last when they announced that EDrill-1’s contract was extended into 2019. This ensures Energy Drilling’s presence in the Gulf of Thailand for much longer.

2 people presenting

Our CEO again thanked everyone for their efforts in working safely and indicated that without each one, progress would not have been possible.

Marcus and K. Pasuk celebrate with the crew by popping a few corks and toasting the success of EDrill-1’s crew and rig management, reminding them of what can be achieved if one works together as a team and as buddies.

A group of people holding up their drinks to make a toast
A group of people holding up their drinks