Stranded & Saved at sea!

July 09th, 2018

12 fishermen have been dramatically rescued off the stormy Andaman sea after their fishing boat capsized.

Last fateful weekend, a fishing boat capsized and left her crew of 12 stranded for 5 days at sea. A joint effort by Energy Drilling, our client, PTTEPI and local authorities provided safe passage and refuge to the stranded crew.

Brad Dewis, OIM, together with Graeme Bain, Rig Manager, extended full support throughout the entire ordeal. The fishermen were well looked after onboard EDrill-2. This reaffirmed that our commitment to safety, one of our core values, is well integrated within our ranks.

Below is a snippet of an account from one of the crew, translated by Maung Thein Shwe, EDrill-2's Rig Translator.

They said,”Our livelihoods depend on fishing, we all are fishermen. Unfortunately, our wooden fishing boat was effected by strong wind and it sunk into the bottom of the sea.

Luckily, we had a small rowing boat and that was the only one remaining for our survival and escape. We have been floating in water for 5 days.

Finally, from a distance, we saw a platform and although at a time when we were all exhausted, almost dying from exhaustion, hunger and thirst, we made a collective decision that the only thing that we had to do was "we would have to sail to reach there’’. However, strong wind and tide delayed us and it took a day before we were anywhere near rig EDrill-2.

We received a lot of assistance from rig EDrill-2, under the collaboration of her crew which was done safely and systematically.

Every single crew member onboard treated us very warmly, gave us food, clothing, shoes, cigarettes and money. We are also thankful for the transportation arranged for us to go back home safely. When we were transferred to a supply boat to be sent back onshore, supervisors on EDrill-2 were keeping communication with us.

We would not have any chance of survival if this rig didn’t save us. We are sure that we will die and not survive from this perilous condition.

Now, with the care of this rig’s supervisors, they did not only save our lives but also our families that we left behind.

So we do thank everyone involved, again and again, and really appreciate for the help and the medical treatment received for our injured crew.

We will be praying for you and may your project be successful. This act of kindness will be forever remembered in our lives.”

Group photo with the survivors and EDrill-2's Translator, JD

Brad Dewis, OIM, handing out a token to remember us by, to one of the crew, after a safety debrief.

Jonathan Haire, materialsman, followed suit, with MOGE's rep. smiling & witnessing in the background

Safely home!