Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) — Sustainability

I am delighted to welcome you to Energy Drilling’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) web page, where we share information about our ESG priorities. As part of running a safe, accountable, and profitable international business, we are committed to continously improving our ESG performance and share our progress.

We appreciate your curiosity in learning how we are moving forward to reduce our environmental impact, look after our people, raise and strengthen corporate governance standards.

Energy Drilling Management
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ESG — Environment

Our business shall be conducted in an environmentally responsible manner.
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Environmental Management

We proactively assess and control our environmental aspects and impacts by managing our environmental footprint. At Energy Drilling, we identify relevant environmental legislation and regulations to enable our clients and our facilities to operate in a compliant, and environmentally conscious manner.

ESG — Social

Our employees are our greatest strength and motivation behind our success.

We care for People

We are invested in the safety, wellbeing, and growth of our people across our diverse, global workforce. We value the ingenuity and innovation that comes from fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. We pledge to create a safe, prosperous environment for our clients and their employees through our responsible operations, services, and equipment offerings.

Health and Safety Culture

We protect the health and safety of all stakeholders, and our values reflect our commitment to this objective. We ensure that our employees prioritize safe operations to protect themselves, those around them, and our neighbouring communitities.

Workforce Training and Education

We know that our people drive our success. We enhance our employees’ potential while improving their work experience by investing in their education. From interactive group sessions to online training opportunities, we have a variety of programs in place to support our employees’ growth.


Our success depends on many individuals who deliver our services and products at locations across the globe. It is our responsibility, and our promise to support employee growth and champion our collective drive. Our core values inspire us to maintain an inclusive, employee-first culture across our entire global family.

ESG — Governance

Our business shall be conducted with high ethical standards and committed to good corporate governance.

The Code

  1. We comply with laws
  2. We respect our colleagues
  3. We ensure healthy and safe working conditions
  4. We protect our assets and confidential information
  5. We respect fundamental human rights
  6. We never make illegal payments
  7. We select our business partners carefully
  8. We avoid conflicts of interest
  9. We compete fairly
  10. We operate in an environmentally responsible manner