Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG")

I am delighted to share with you Energy Drilling’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) information, where we list out our ESG priorities.

As part of running a safe, accountable, and profitable international business, we are committed to continously improving our ESG performance and share our progress. We appreciate your curiosity in learning how we are moving forward to reduce our environmental impact, look after our people, raise and strengthen corporate governance standards.


Marcus Chew, CEO Energy Drilling Management


We will build and sustain relationships both within and external to the company by assessing, anticipating, and fulfilling stated and implied needs

We will achieve this through; 

  • Professional delivery of services that meet customer expectations;
  • Periodic review of our goals, objectives and work procedures to ensure continual improvement;
  • Meeting our employees expectations for safety, training and morale
  • Having competent employees who have both the knowledge and skills to perform their work.
  • Having systems and procedures that are understood
  • Utilising industry leading technology to ensure we work efficient and smart.


Health and Safety

We conduct our business in a manner that results in no incidents and no injuries

We will achieve this through;

  • Providing adequate control of health and safety risks in the workplace.
  • Consulting with our employees on matters affecting health and safety;
  • Ensure all employees are competent to perform their tasks
  • Maintaining safe and healthy working conditions.



Our business shall be conducted in an environmentally responsible manner.

We will achieve this through;   

  • Proactively assessing and controlling our environmental aspects and impacts.  
  • Managing our environmental footprint 
  • Identifying and complying with relevant environmental legislation and regulations and other requirements to which we subscribe.